What is Plandot ?

Plandot is a small tool which reads a Graphviz graph description with some additional information describing "slides" and generates one image per slide. Each slide specifies which nodes of the graph should be visible. Plandot can then be used in your slides to present evolutions of a graph, where placement of nodes remains the same for each slide.


From this file, the command plandot -o prefix crazy.pdot will generate the following image files:


Plandot can be downloaded from the OCamlcore forge. Latest version is 0.2 and was released on 2010, december 10th.


Compilation of Plandot requires OCaml >= 3.12.0, Odot >= 0.6 and Menhir >= 20090505 to be installed.
Plandot uses the graphviz tools dot and neato to create images, so the Graphviz suite should be installed too.

To compile and install:

tar xvfz plandot-X.Y.tar.gz
cd plandot-X.Y
make install


# plandot [options] <plandot file>
  --version  Print version number and exit
  -o <s>     set prefix of generated files to s (default is plandot)
  -help      Display this list of options
  --help     Display this list of options

Check the src/test directory of the distribution for Plandot file examples.


Plandot is released under the LGPL v2.1.

Author and contact

Maxence Guesdon <Maxence 'DOT' Guesdon 'AT' inria 'DOT' fr>